Egnatia City Hotel & Spa
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Liz Ross
Liz Ross
15:13 02 Oct 22
Excellent roof top restaurant with stunning views. Delicious fresh fish and the grilled Octopus was exceptional. Very professional and friendly service from our waiter. Reception staff were also very helpful which was so appreciated. Looking forward to visiting next year.
Athena Divine Design
Athena Divine Design
12:53 05 Sep 22
Beautiful view from the hotel overlooking Kavala and great breakfast it has TERRIBLE mattresses. We only brought the issue with the mattresses to their attention. A manager was not available to discuss this on that Friday morning as we were checking out after a two day stay. The two staff at reception clearly not trained properly, threaten to call the police. We were not refusing to pay, but we also couldn’t justify the cost for the amenities we received. A suite shouldn’t have this poor quality of bedding. The two men actually didn’t believe us and said we were too late. Too late for what? We were still there. Luckily I had taken photos and when I showed them the condition of the mattress a another staff member clearly overhearing the long, unpleasant discussion with reception offered a small discount. As we were leaving he asked me to email my photos to the hotel. I agreed but then I asked myself, why? All they have to do, is go see the rooms in person.The Wifi was weak but that was ok we didn’t need this. You can pay additional money to get high sped WiFi but that’s a little ridiculous these days. We travel all over the world and we prefer a hotel with a pool this is why we selected Egnatia. It wasn’t a cheap hotel and it was surprising that you have to pay separately to access the pool area, but that was ok too. Bathroom full of mildew was unacceptably visible. The hotel is not current, it needs serious upgrades.
Ванеса Ц.
Ванеса Ц.
18:48 13 Aug 22
Furniture needs to be well cleaned. Our bed had ants in it. Also there was good amount of dust everywhere. Breakfast was not that bad . The spa was average at best. Definitely should not have 4 stars. Only the view compensated a bit all those things.
10:37 06 Aug 22
Superb view over Kavala port and Thassos. Very cozy bar & terrace. For a spectacular view accompanied by a good drink I strongly recommend.
20:29 11 Jul 22
Was utterly shocked at how good this property actually is. We stopped by looking for a nights rest after a long drive. The lady at the reception was very hospitable and welcoming. Went up to the rooftop restaurant. Was surprised by the million dollar view.The whole town and sea below. The rooms, bathrooms and common areas were in pristine condition. The food at the rooftop quality was incredible. My complements to the chief. The diner was amazing. As was the service. I definitely recommend this hotel to all visitors to Kavala.
Yuriy Bilen
Yuriy Bilen
08:26 04 Mar 20
Really nice and warm people, happy to solve all your problems with a smile and without expecting something in return. I found it very useful that you could ask for an iron and that the rooms are equipped with a sewing kit!
silvio garola
silvio garola
16:51 01 Mar 20
A good hotel, probably the best in the town
Vi B
Vi B
12:30 10 Dec 19
Great view over Kavala, amazing roof garden offering a variety of dishes and drinks
Elizabeth Ellis
Elizabeth Ellis
12:40 02 Dec 19
Nice staff and warm atmosphere
Danny Tost
Danny Tost
11:42 04 Oct 19
Great view but I expected to be more luxurius.
Panayiotis Georgiou
Panayiotis Georgiou
10:13 27 Sep 19
One of the best hotel kavala its up tin the mountain with awesome views of kavala breakfast is really good check it out 👌
Maria B.
Maria B.
08:27 03 Sep 19
Very friendly staff,clean and spacious rooms,very well equipped. The breakfast buffet was big,with a great variety of delicacies. The location is close to the city and it has a panoramic view. Worth every pennie
Andrei T
Andrei T
14:29 08 Aug 19
Great service and helpful staff. The bar on top of the hotel has a great view.
Burak Gizer
Burak Gizer
15:13 09 Jun 19
Friendly staff. Great view. Clean hotel. Furniture and bedding are probably 20 years old but still very clean.
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Egnatia Hotel

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Egnatia city hotel & spa


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Τιμή προσφοράς 130,00 Euro

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Ελάχιστη παραμονή: 2 νύχτες
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Δύο διανυκτερεύσεις σε δίκλινο δωμάτιο με πανοραμική θέα στην πόλη


Εσωτερική θερμαινόμενη πισίνα, χαμάμ, σάουνα, jacuzzi και γυμναστήριο


Ένα μυοχαλαρωτικό μασάζ 20’ ανά άτομο σε όλη την διαμονή


Καθημερινά Ελληνικό πρωινό σε μπουφέ, στο εστιατόριο "Théa"


Καλωσόρισμα με φρέσκα φρούτα εποχής


Δωρεάν πρόσβαση WiFi στο internet


Δωρεάν Nova TV


Check-out στις 16:00 (κατόπιν διαθεσιμότητας)

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Spa, relax & wellness

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